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NV2 Project Description

This library is intended to support playback of .v2m files using only .NET Framework. Currently, it is wrapping around the official release with some extra functions by me.

NV2 - A managed farbrausch decoder

NV2 is a free .Net library for decoding ViruZ 2 Module files (.v2m extension). The creator of these softsynth music files is Kb, a member of the scene group farbrausch. In contrast to many other synths it is intended to need minimal filesize to produce tiny executables, but still provides modern high quality sound. This can only be realized through a intensive usage of CPU power: The sounds are calculated through up to three oscillators in each channel, the only things which are stored in the music files are notes about osciallator patches and midi notes, with a header containing speed and so on (just like a midi file with instrument describtion code and a small header). This high usage of code instead of raw audio data makes it possible to apply funky high quality sound to a executable and also increases its filesize only by some extra kilobytes for a 5 minute music file and sound library (when the application is packed).

Actually it is intended to use purely managed .NET code, but it in lack of a good documentation I couldn´t translate it to pure .NET and ended up in a small wrapper library containing the official release.

If you have questions concerning on how to build V2 Music files or need help with your own song, feel free to ask me in the discussions section.

Please feel free to submit suggestions and ideas or to contact me if you want to to join the project!


- Freefall -

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